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We fell in love with Golden Retrievers nearly 20 years ago. We have bred many litters of Golden Retrievers in the past and love them. We have had several Golden Retrievers over the years. Our dogs are every part of our family and we love and cherish them dearly. We didn’t acquire our dogs with the intent to breed, we wanted the healthiest dogs that would bring us years of joy. Providing them with a loving home has been very satisfying.

We currently have 2 female English Cream Golden Retrievers “Daisy” & “Bailey” and 1 very small Shorkie “Chloe”, and our two newest additions are two female Mini GoldenDoodles “Nala and Kona”. Our daughter convinced us to try breeding GoldenDoodles. After a lot of research, we fell in love with the Mini GoldenDoodle breed.

We searched high and low to find the perfect studs and we have been so pleased with them. In the future we will be introducing different studs but the demand for the litters from these parents has been very high so we are continuing with them as for now. Our dogs are not They are not just dogs we decided to breed, they were selected for their amazing pedigree, lines of health tested parents, size and structure, coat qualities, and their calm, sweet temperaments, all things passed on to their puppies. They are all family companions first, living with our family. Our daughter has adopted one of Baileys F1 Mini GoldenDoodles that is a sister to our “Nala” and we are excited to add F1B Petite GoldenDoodles to the mix Spring of 2021.

Bailey is our AKC registered English Cream Golden Retriever. She has the sweetest calm temperament and she brings that same disposition to her puppies. She loves affection and tummy rubs. She has a beautiful light colored coat with apricot ears and back. She loves to fetch the ball and playing with our other family pets. She is a natural mother and tends to mother our other dogs as well. Bailey is OFA certified and has had full Genetic DNA tested to assure a beautiful coat and health. Baileys puppies are sweet and calm and oh so very smart and train quickly.

Daisy is our AKC registered English Cream Golden Retriever. She is very playful and always very excited to greet you. She has a beautiful shiny coat and traits of a golden retriever. Her favorite thing to do is go for walks, swim, and play fetch. If there is a pool nearby, she is for sure in it. She is very smart and obedient. Daisy is OFA certified and DNA genetic tested and cleared to provide the very best offspring. Everyone fell in love with Daisy’s Mini GoldenDoodle puppies and many have reserved a 2nd puppy from her. She is an attentive and sweet mamma to her litters. We can’t wait to see what her future litters bring.

“Moose” is a tiny 3.5 lb toy poodle. He is AKC & CKC registered. Moose has a lot of awesome personality in that tiny body of his and is the cutest little poodle ever. He has such a sweet loyal personality and he possesses all the wonderful characteristics poodles bring. He is playful and obedient. With a beautiful soft face and coat. His puppies are amazing and highly sought after. He is OFA certified as well as DNA Genetic tested and has excellent traits that he passes on to his puppies. One look at his face and you will fall in love. We often get asked when we will be having another Moose litter.

“Red Rover” The Rocket is a gorgeous dark red mini poodle. He is AKC and CKC registered, OFA certified, and DNA Genetic tested and cleared for the very best offspring. Red has a sweet loving temperament. His pedigree is lined with multiple generations of beautiful, healthy, solid dark reds, with wonderful and pleasing personality. Red has exceeded all expectations. He has a beautiful regal build. His ears are long, tear drop and densely feathered. He passes these wonderful traits onto his puppies. He has a fantastic gentle personality. Red loves to cuddle and is very social, he loves dogs, cats, and people of all ages. He entertains his family all day long. He stands just under 14” tall and weighs 12 lbs with a slim build. He is a fantastic stud.

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