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We fell in love with Golden Retrievers nearly 20 years ago. We have bred many litters of Golden Retrievers in the past and love them and have owned several Golden Retrievers over the years. Our dogs are family members, and we love and cherish them dearly. We didn’t acquire our dogs with the intent to breed, however, we wanted other families to have the experience of having a high standard dog to love and raise as we had.  We began breeding in 2000. Breeding has brought our family pure joy and providing them with a loving start and the best care possible is very important to us.  We love our puppy families and consider them all a part of our own family.  


OUR CURRENT MOMMAS of our upcoming litters are – 

  • Diggy is an AKC registered American Red Golden Retriever.  She is expected to have her first litter of pups in the late Fall of 2023. She just completed her OFA and genetic DNA testing and is cleared to breed her next heat cycle.  We expect her puppies to be 18-35 lbs.
  • Bailey is an AKC registered Golden Retriever.  She will have her last litter this Fall 2023.  We have had some amazing mini goldendoodle litters with Bailey.  We plan to breed Bailey one last time with “RED” if he is available.  If he is unavailable, we will find a stud that is comparable to him.  Bailey and Reds puppies are 22-45 lbs.
  • Nala and Kona are AMAZING and produce the cutest litters of micro – petite f1b Goldendoodles.  Due to the entire process of breeding a bit more rare, extremely hypoallergenic breed, these litters are higher in cost.  Nala and Kona are both genetic DNA tested and have OFA preliminarys completed.  Nala will be bred early 2024 and Kona will have 1 more litter early 2024. Nalas puppies are 9-16 lbs and Konas are 5-10 lbs.
  • Posey & Scotty are our guardian female f1 mini Goldendoodles from a previous Daisy and Red litter.  Posey had her first litter late spring 2023 and had the cutest litter of micro – petite abstract f1b puppies.  They are curly with white markings.  We plan to breed her again early 2024.  Scotty will also be bred late 2023.  We plan to use the same abstract toy poodle with her to produce petite abstract f1b Goldendoodles. Posey’s puppies will be 8-16 lbs and Scotty’s will be 10-20 lbs.
  • Penny is our newest guardian addition and is a TINY f1b micro abstract Goldendoodle.  She is a Posey & Bo Boston puppy.  She will be genetic health tested and OFA preliminaries done in the next year and a half.  We are planning tiny micro multi gen doodles from her.  Pennys puppies will be 5-8 lbs.
  • Our studs we choose are selected for their amazing pedigree, lines of health tested parents, size and structure, coat qualities, and their calm, sweet temperaments, all things passed on to their puppies. They are all family companions first, living with their own family. We have several outside studs we use from very reputable breeders.  We insure all our puppy parents are genetic health tested and OFA or PENNHIP certified.  Pictures and information about the studs used with our litters is available upon request.


 Our daughter convinced us to try breeding Goldendoodles years ago.  We were hesitant, however, intrigued.  After a lot of research, several years of health and OFA testing, matching genetics with studs we were finally ready.  We had our first litters of f1 mini goldendoodles in 2018 and to say we fell in love with the breed would be an understatement.  They are by fare the most smart, beautiful, easy to train, gentle breed you could possibly imagine.  EVERYONE needs a GOLDENDOODLE. 

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