Nash & Nico – So. California

08 / 04 / 2019

Nash and Nico are so cute and have the sweetest dispositions. Nash, previously Tank, is our big baby. He‘s a little bear cub with the biggest heart and cutest smile. He loves being with his people, and is completely content to just rest at our feet or come in close for a tummy rub. Nico is our little cuddle bug and smartie pants. He is quick to catch on to new tricks, is eager to please, and loves to play fetch. At the end of the day, he likes to be held like a baby and nuzzle sweetly into your neck.
Nash and Nico are best buds. They are both so smart, playful, and loving. We love them so much and couldn’t imagine having one without the other.
We are so thankful to you for bringing these boys into our lives, and so grateful for the care and love from which they were bred and brought to us.
We couldn’t have asked for better pups or a better experience with you. Every detail was cared for. We were surprised with individual binders impressively packed with puppy pictures, parental profiles, and more certifications of health than we ever knew there could be. And in releasing them to us, we were so touched that our pups were sent off with blankets with their mama’s scent and a bag of their own food. By providing them with these small comforts you helped ease their transition from their first home to their forever home. Your care and love is so evident, and we promise these two a lifetime of the same ?


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